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  3. Flexible Curriculum across Departments (Japanese)

Flexible Curriculum across Departments (Japanese)

We are launching new interdisciplinary Ph. D. programs taught primarily in Japanese: —International Public Policy EP(Education Program) and Taxation/Accounting EP(Education Program). These programs offer flexible curriculums across departments. Students can join the programs if their department’s professors already participate in them.

International Public Policy EP

This program pursues an interdisciplinary study of international public policy and its coordination among various countries in relation to global issues such as poverty problems, sustainable development, and the capabilities of people in each country. The program is designed to provide students with lectures and workshops to study global issues based on comparative institutional analysis, historical analysis, and various empirical studies. Professors from three departments—the Department of Economics, the Department of Business Administration, and the Department of International and Business Law—have joined the program.

Taxation / Accounting EP

This program is offered both by academics and by distinguished practitioners, such as practicing lawyers specialized in Taxation, and practicing accountants, who have experience in tax/financial accounting practices in domestic/international fields. Doctoral Candidates will pursue academic research based on Law or Accounting, traditional academic analysis or practices. Courses may include theoretical study of cross-relationship between taxation and accounting, accounting consideration as a legal method of tax study, research on methodologies for legal analysis of taxation with methods of accounting as information sciences, inter-relationship between tax/accounting theories and business conducts/practices.

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