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Doctoral Programs

Department of Economics

The Ph.D. Program implements a technical curriculum where the students acquire the ability to analyze contemporary globalized economic society with the use of highly specialized economic methods. Newly established subjects such as “Structure of Developing Economies” and “Environmental Economics” respond to the demand in East and South-east Asia and other growing regions of the world for highly trained professionals.
Compulsory “Seminar” work emphasises small-class education. The designation of Research Practicums such as "Industrial-Governmental-Academic Collaborative Research" and "International Collaborative Research", and Workshops allows students to cultivate practical research skills. The Program focuses on training people who will demonstrate their ability globally. This is achieved implementing such programs as International Public Policy EP (Education Program), which is a flexible curriculum across departments of Economics, Business Administration and International and Business Law, Furthermore, the International Ph.D. Program allows students to complete the degree entirely in English. After acquiring cutting-edge specialized technical knowledge in economics and the ability to analyze globalized contemporary economic society, the graduates may pursue a career in academia, think tanks, and research sections of global firms

Department of Business Administration

In response to growing demand from society, the Program fosters an ability to analyze globalized contemporary firms and the environmental problems that surround them by using business administrative methods and the methods of related social sciences. The Program seeks to develop human resources who are capable of contributing to the academic world of business administration, accounting, and management systems. The Program also emphasizes the training of professionals who wish to put applied research into practice.
The curriculum seamlessly extends education from the Master’s Program, which enables students to efficiently continue and advance their research. The integrated course work contributes to each student producing a strong doctoral dissertation, which is supervised by three professors. It also supports students who desire to continue their research after the completion of a Master’s degree, including the MBA course. The Program offers Global Business Doctor EP (Education Program) for Master’s degree graduates who wish to acquire the ability to make creative and feasible business strategies. In addition, responding to the growing demand from overseas applicants, particularly from East and South-East Asia, the Japanese Management in an All-English Graduate Program has been established to allow students to complete a Ph.D. degree entirely in English.

Department of International and Business Law

Students will analyze issues in modern law and politics in our global age from within a framework of legal and political science disciplines. They will also conduct research in the fields of international politics and international development with particular focus on the growing regions of East and Southeast Asia. The Department of International Business Law offers progressive courses and pioneering research. In addition to the Department's traditional area of research - intellectual property law and economic law - areas of positive law and public policy including international development studies are covered by a comprehensive curriculum that is tailored to student needs. All faculty members engage in pioneering research activities, complementing their strong commitment to teaching with scholarly and creative endeavors.
In addition, students can further their own research and develop career paths through "Industrial-Governmental-Academic Collaborative Research", “International Field Work”, and other projects that provide opportunities for them to present their research and participate in international research collaborations. A flexible curriculum across departments [International Public Policy EP (Education Program) and Taxation / Accounting EP (Education Program)] and the All-English Graduate Program also enables students to acquire and develop specialized knowledge and skills. After completing the degree, graduates may pursue global careers as research fellows, professional practitioners such as lawyers and accountants, public officers in national and regional governments, international organization staff, or policy advisers and consultants to international corporations.

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