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【Modern Economics Seminar】Schedule for the 2017-2018 Academic Year

Date and Location

Thursdays from 17:00 - 19:00
Room201, Graduate School of International Social Sciences
*Date and Location are subject to change. Check the schedule for details.
Updated September 22
12/21(Thu)Shiba Suzuki
(Seikei University)
Fire sales and asset prices in an incomplete market economyIn Japanese
12/14(Thu)Kyohei Marutani
(Kyoto University)
TBAIn Japanese
11/30(Thu)Hisayuki Yoshimoto
(University of Glasgow)
TBAIn Japanese
Yusuke Inami
(Tohoku Gakuin University)
Buy price auctions with resale opportunitiesIn Japanese
10/26(Thu)Masayuki Yagasaki
(University of Tokyo)
TBAIn Japanese
10/12(Thu)Daiya Isogawa
(University of Tokyo)
TBAIn Japanese
10/3(Tue) Tadashi Hashimoto
(Yeshiva University)
Information arrival, delay, and clustering in dynamic freeriding
Tuesday,at Room 203
7/31(Mon)Kota Murayama
(Northwestern University)
Regulatory Disclosure in PersuasionMonday
7/27(Thu)Satoshi Fukuda
(University of California, Berkeley)
From Equals to Despots: The Dynamics of Repeated Decision Making in Partnerships with Private Information
7/24(Mon)Shin-ichi Hanada
(Kanazawa Seiryo University)
Alleviating the voltage control problem in low-voltage systems using auction system
16:00-17:30 on Monday, at Room 203,
In Japanese
7/20(Thu)Masanori Tsuruoka
(Yokohama National University)
Assessing the Inefficiency Caused by the Hold-up Problem in Public-works Procurement
In Japanese
Shunya Noda
(Stanford University)
Strategic Experimentation with Random Serial Dictatorship
Ryoji Sawa
(University of Tsukuba)
An evolutionary approach to social choice problems with q-quota rulesIn Japanese
Hideyuki Takamizawa
(Hitotsubashi University)
An Equilibrium Model of Term Structures of Bonds and EquitiesFriday,
In Japanese
Toshihiro Tsushihashi
(Daito Bunka University)
A revenue-enhancing effect of a buyout price in multi-unit uniform-price auctionsIn Japanese
Zadia M. Feliciano 
(Queens College, City University of New York)
On the impact of eliminating tax exemption for US Corporations in Puerto Rico (2005) on number of manufacturing establishments, employment and wages in the Island (industry level analysis 1982-2012)

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